Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recycled Calender

Recycling is always fun  but only if you have  some concrete  ideas to implement it.. At times the ideas will strike like short lightening, one had to grab that tightly  to implement otherwise the junk will continue to increase.This time I had  made up my mind to throw away the calender and all the junk which I had preserved thinking to do " something with it on some day" which never came..I have loads of calender and sequins borders,Bindis, Old necklaces, Ear-ring .Then one auspicious day lightening did occur I tightly  took a hard grip on it   to finish the project  on the same day!!!! . Lo and  behold  whole of bangalore could experience the lightening and short shower we had yesterday.I am pretty sure it is because of 
my superfast  recycled calender

This is an old calender.I have pasted   few of my paintings which I  had gifted to friends and relatives long ago. Instead of  album I tried  to utilise my old ornaments, Bindis and greeting cards to create a scrapbook type layout

This is an oxidised antique necklace (pasted around the painting) which was my favourite once but had to discard due to the rashes it gave me
These are all very small paintings had been grouped into one single  photos with rice beads and kundans

With one gram gold  as a frame for the painting

Marble paper had been stuck as background and kundans are pasted for border.Still there are more things to be utilised I am sure I would do with little more short thunder showers/lightening which we all  need at times
Happy crafting always


  1. Very good,I love your work!

  2. this is really beautiful...u are so creative

  3. These look so rich. I love the way you have used the oxidised jewellery. The last one is also very good , I love marble paper and the way you have used the kundan stones. These are so good Anandhi ,I so often make things out of waste which also end up in the bin.

  4. great idea. always love your ideas

  5. Nice creations. I too have done some and named them as ''calendar work''.
    Best wishes !!


Thankyou for your lovely comments


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