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Terracotta Jewellery making has become so popular these days  was totally  mesmerised by its rustic beauty .I tried to explore its origin ,  .I am giving you a brief outline of its origin
. Terracotta is an Italian word that means “cooked earth”. Its history dates back to the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization.Terracotta jewellery is one of the oldest forms of jewellery in the world There have been several ornaments like earrings, ear studs, necklaces, pendants, bangles and bracelets found by archaeologists. Clay bangles found in Harappa were coloured and well polished. Many terracotta figurines also have been unearthed that had elaborate depictions of artistic jewellery. The designs were mostly inspired by nature and depicted animals, leaves, flowers and then moved on to traditional motifs and elaborate patterns.

when I started making these jewels I never felt the importance of baking /firing of the jewels .Since firing cannot be done without the help of  potter I was struck at this point then one day i tried baking it in microwave oven.for 5 mnts ,But I was very scared to try second time since the steel hooks are inserted in the jewels there is every chance of blasting.At this point of time I wanted to attend a class so that they will tell me the secret of home baking,But then one friend suggested that I try on my own which gave me more confidence in me to explore further.

I found one old oven in the house and tried .At a time u can bake about a handful of beads and pendents but gets done in 5 mnts.Since  my aim is for gifting purpose it works fine for me.There are other ways also for home baking.You can try in electric coil stove,With sand ,With saw-dust etc.

I had used decorative stamping technique for the above pendents.

Assorted jhumkas and earrings

This peacock pendents are most sought for terracotta designers I have seen in many forums/groups students asking whether they teach peacock pendent or not .so I too tried my hand at this terracotta jewellery.
You can visit here http://www.lifechilli.com/bake-terracotta-clay-jewelry-home/
.Ms.Jessna jamal is the first one to spill the bean of  terracotta baking.Thank you Ms Jamal.For  enligtening with a wonderful article on home baking!
I thank my friends who had 101% confidence in  me.Otherwise I wouldn't have tried.This post on terracotta would never 
be possible without their encouragement
Happy crafting


  1. They are gorgeous Anandhi..:) love the peacock pendent and jhumkas..:)

  2. Lovely sets and bright colors are very nice Anandhi!!

  3. your gallery is just very nice .graphics are very nice . your website it just super. best of luck . do come visit me some time. that goes to everybody who see this. WE.HOBBIESANDCRAFTS.NET. and please sign my guestbook at the bottom of my webpage to let me know you came to see me do send your very good friends ( thank you ) it good to meet new friends.

  4. Wow very amazing jewelries, i'm always like terracotta jewelries, it very unique and charming...
    Thanks for your sharing...


  5. So nice to tell us of your experiments, I too like to try out terracota jewellery but can't find time. Maybe someday.

  6. Accidentally i came to view your blog so nice.your descriptions of terracotta jewellery is fine.i want to know the colour you have used.i am searching the net for a long to get the answer.i am not.can you please share

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  8. Hi how should i bake in gas tandoor ?

  9. Hi Anandhi,
    Thanks for this detailed blog, i am just learning to use terracotta clay for jewellery. I bought air dry terracotta clay, and the problem i face is, it keep cracking quickly, my beads all are having this cracked look. And the clay also seems to break when i press it down. KIndly help, why they crack pls..

  10. Your jewellery looks ok. It looks like an amateur work. Sorry to say this. But the texture of the clay looks bad. With a wet hand smoothen the clay after finishing the designs.

  11. Thanks for sharing this. It's really fact that these days terracotta jewelry becoming more popular between people. They like this jewelry.


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