Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fridge Magnets.

Hi friends,
Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year& Sankranthi.I wanted to share mini canvas fridge magnets.After Decoupaging, Mini Magnets are the trend these days.I tried a few on different themes.
Simple Landscape,  Mandala  &Textured backgrounds

Mixed media with Thai clay flowers.I am never bored with thai clay.Any project is not complete without this clay flowers

Black Bird series

These are easy to paint and require less time to finish which satisfy all the passionate art lovers.
It also serves as a ideal gift.
Hope you like this post.If you are inspired by  this post and tried anything similar to  this Do let me know I will be the first one to hop  on to your blog
Happy crafting until next month.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Hi friends,
Welcome to my blog.I am here again sharing  one more recycling  project.
Shoe boxes are my favourite.

This month I recycled a Shoe box with pattern paper,decoupage napkin and few more carton boxes

I attached carton boxes on top of the shoe box (resembling small towers) to hold small pencil,scissors,gum etc.Each box can be opened, you can  dismantle the whole tower seperately.Main idea is to keep only most needed items handy.without opening the shoe box. 

In fig-1 small velcro tape is pasted.Plastic lid is pasted on to the velcro(fig-2)
artificial leaves are pasted to cover the plastic lid(fig-3).The tower structure can be removed from the 
top portion of the box.(fig-4

pattern paper is pasted inside the box.

While opening the box.Whole tower can be removed

Small box which can hold only a scissor and an inchtape,A glue and a marker pen, are the ones 
needed frequently.So it is stored at the top for easy reach

Cardboard boxes can be used in many ways.But a bit of time and more patience is needed.I am trying to adhere to the rules which I made NOT TO HOARD many boxes.I am recycling then there with whatever material I have.Hope you like this project .
Thanks for stopping
Have a crafty creative week!

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Saturday, April 29, 2017


Hello friends,
It has been a very long time since I posted.I  was not in a mood to do anything.

When I opened my cupboard this briefcase popped out .So I decided to give a make over.Since I had lot of leftover distemper paint.I did one coat and pasted pattern paper over it

These figurines are from a magazine which I hoarded for a long time.

Pasted pattern paper  inside the box also

Small embellishments and sticker completes the otherwise dull Briefcase.
Thanks for visiting
Have a  crafty week 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Miniature Garden

Hi friends,I am back with a  miniature garden,as promised in my last post ,this broken pot is one of the items which was   hidden for a long time in my junk yard .I could not find proper material to build steps,then I found these Tiles,which s are used as steps.
Planted some succulents.Since they are the best bet for the miniatures.
Succulents are multiplied by cuttings.Thumb rule is  not to over water it.It needs plenty of sunlight.

This is the full view along with  the water lilies.
One more miniature I tried with Iron pan which was quite heavy and it is highly impossible to dig a hole.

Thick Plastic sheet with hole is placed over the pan before filling the potting mixture.
Plants with small leaves are ideal for miniature garden.Coupia ,Spatyphyllum dwarf are planted.

Floating plants are added to the small pond .Iron with moist planting mixture tends to rust in due course, and is considered to be one of the best nutrients for the plant.It is already 20 days  since I planted keeping it in semi shaded area.Already I see new leaves sprouting from the branches which makes me so happy.I feel whether you a have a small or large garden Miniature garden is a mustfor any garden enthusiasts.Space and container is not a question at all you can grow it in any container.It thrives in a window sill ,balcony anywhere, where there is enough sunlight.hoping to do  more  in the coming months.If you have any questions/suggestions please do drop me a line,I would be delighted to be of help.
Thanks for visiting
Have a Creative week!

Monday, September 19, 2016


Hi friends, I had my first workshop on Ikebana last week  for  50"Young group.The group started in Bangalore a few months back  by Anitha Gurnani,Anand Gurnani and ,Kamal Raheja from Mumbai.I wonder why no  one from Bangalore thought of starting like this.We had a Lunch meet last month.They saw my You tube video on Ikebana wanted to have one workshop for the members.Our founder was keen that our members should take home an arrangment. since Ikebana cannot be packed and taken home I ended up doing Ikebana as well as western arrangement for them.
I gave a demo on basic  Ikebana and moved on to western arrangment.I created a few freestyle arrangements with orchids for the participants to see.
Many  Ikebana specialist will agree that to practice Ikebana we need to collect so many driftwood,dried leaves,pipes tubes etc.Though I have a seperate room to store the collections.It tends to spill which is an example of the above picture,I have this driftwood structure to hang umbrellas at times it serves to hold my arrangements too.

Flowers have a a unique power to bring a smile on everyones face.

Participants with their creations .When it comes to arts and crafts I cannot limit myself to sharing.My slogan is" the more you share the more you gain" what say friends.So the basics of Ikebana and western arrangements are taught  in  a single workshop and ofcourse for the price of one .
Earlier I have done workshop for NGO teachers on jewellery making,Newspaper crafts for partially blind children .This is my first on Ikebana.Hoping to have more in all the areas which I practice,Digital scrapbooking,Mural,Decoupage,Metal embossing,Tanjore painting,recycling,Miniature gardening.Ah my  my next post would be on Miniature gardening I am bitten badly by it.Stay tuned will be back soon.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy crafting

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Hello Friends,
It has been a  very long time since I did painting.I was totally lost in my new found world of decoupage and flower arrangments.One of my friend suggested that we do   a kerala mural painting together.we talked   and  discussed  went on postponing and then one fine day we did started to paint.

I wanted to display a bit differently/My old recycled drum was looking dull I wanted  to give a make over with this mural.

I just wrapped  the painted sheet(Catridge paper) over the box and applied two coats of Mod Podge

For the lid also I  pasted a  pattern paper.The satisfaction I got  after finishing this painting was tremendous,It made me ponder over my earlier paintings.It is high time I should return to my roots.I am grateful to my friend for her suggestion.Hoping to do more painting.
Thanks for stopping by
Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hello friends,
After a long time I am sharing this decoupage project,which I have abandoned and restarted after few months.Hence I could not take step by-step photo..

This is the original one.I applied one coat of  primer  then two coats of white enamel.

I " modpodged" printed napkins to the sides and tried some texture work in the middle of the box.

At the  Center of the box  I stuck a DOILY and a chipboard

This is the final look of the box after a lot of painting and pasting and varnishing.I still have a lot to recycle.Will be back soon with new ones.
Have a creative week ahead
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