Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Upcycled Boxes

I have a habit of collecting all  sorts of card-board boxes from shoe boxes to Cereal boxes  hoping to dress up to store some  items in it.This summer I am happy I could able to find some time to dress them
This is an Marriage invitation card stuck on a cereal box to store Bindis

Shoe Box with a Marriage invitation card.

Paper weaving with the glossy magazine pages.

This one is a very beautful Marriage invitation card depicting "Meenakshi Kalyanam". Crackle medium effect is added for the border.I have attached two cereal boxes at the back of  the picture to store cutters,scissors,paints etc.

Still I have lot more greeting cards and huge card board boxes to work.Next time I am hoping to work with  the old cherished sarees and borders .What do you say? For that I have to prepare loads and KGs of pasting  gum I am just wondering how to prepare the home made fevicol.If you have an idea
Just give me a tip on preparing it..I will be back soon
Thanks for stopping.
Happy  crafting!


  1. Even I have the habit of storing all boxes and reusing them..btw just curious, the last one looks like Srinivasa kalyanam and you mentioned it as Meenakshi kalyanam ..which one is it ??

  2. Hi thankyou for the comment but the card at the bottom says it is meenakshi kalyanam,though it looks like srinivasar but all the accompanying crowds are shiva bhakthars.Hope you could notice the difference

  3. Hey, thanks for the does look confusing !!

  4. Oh wow each one looks so exquisite-- like something we would find in a handicrafts store!
    ps: the disadvantage of homemade gum is it stinks!

  5. Beautiful idea, even I have a habit of hoarding boxes and keep my craft material in some of them, but they are not so ornamental!

  6. Such beautiful boxes !! Had you not mentioned Iwould not have known that these are upcycled.

  7. Lovely Card themed boxes.
    It really looks easy to make but I sense its a lot of hardwork in making them look neat.

  8. Dear Anandhi, so beautiful is your cycled work on the boxes and now you have kindled this interest in me too......will soon start working on them !
    Thanks so much.
    By the way am trying to become your member but unable to do so and still I am not giving hope and very soon will become one.

  9. Hello my friend, nice to see you by my blog and thank you for you lovely comments, I used different sites that provide free backgrounds and sometimes I create mine. Yours looks wonderful too and I see you are very busy creating and inspiring others♥ Love these ideas, we all have so much stuff around the house to recycle and turn them into a piece of art, Cheers.
    Stay well and until next time,

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. cool transfer...luv the idea...will try to work it out.


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