Friday, June 1, 2012


 In this type of  Murals Plants are grown inside a mesh. These Murals doesn't require  any special care.
They thrive well in manured soil.Occassional fertiliser spray is needed if you are planting any flowering plants

Wire Mesh is folded with wooden beading on both sides.On top cement have been plastered.For the bottom, sea-shells and marble stones are stuck. After painting .Four small holes  are madefor the plants.For a few weeks Mural is placed  under the shade.

I experimented by planting table rose. Here you can see  "syngoniums,Shefflora,variegated begonias.Baby'stears for the bottom.It needs trimming as it grows very rapidly

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  1. Is this your own idea Anandhi!!. I do so envy your garden and you do have a green thumb. Your plant mural is unique and beautiful!!!

  2. I commented with my other account:)) Beautiful work!!

  3. Thankyou suganthi for your prompt comments in my blogs.
    I have seen so many vertical garden (wall mounted) like this. I have come with my own idea with the locally available materials.Thie one is very cost effective affordable to all. There are other methods also hoping to do a huge piece for my backyard wall some time in the near future.
    wish me luck

  4. hi,
    This looks like a lot of work - I don't see this as simple and plain as you mentioned in my blog.

    My suggestions:

    1) If you are planning to make another one.
    I would suggest buy a nice figurine - like a dancing lady or a status.
    Cement it together with the same concept with the wire mesh.
    Your colours is important.
    If you are working with earthen colours (same as your status/figurine)
    then use more brown.
    Or you can skip the painting part as to give the rustic/natural look.

    The plants you put there are also important.
    I would suggest gets those that grows on trees - orchids,ferns,hoya, bromeliads, air plants.
    They can just easily attached without much trouble using soil as medium.
    These plants do well as sideview plants - some plants may go upward and may require a lot more soil.

    Your shells and stones are not visible - once the plants cascade down.
    Actually - I like when they cascade down - its much lovely looking that way.
    But it is your garden & your taste.
    So - you have to decide what is your impact here - is it the plants that is doing the visual or the medium that is holding all the plants together.

    Eventually all the plants are going to outgrow the whole piece and the only visual you are going to see is the flat blue piece.
    So - perhaps - maybe if it is ok with you get more lovely shells and glue them there - maybe that would be more interesting as you might not want to disturb the healthy looking plants surviving in the mural?

    You might have to keep trying and you will get more ideas.
    Whatever it is - its far from boring or plain.
    Its quite creative and I'm pretty sure you can come up with more creativity and beauty as you progress and put your energy into it.

  5. Thanks james for your suggestions I will surely try

  6. This is such a fabulous idea.. I've never heard of this before.. But I have to agree.. with the comments on top.. that using a figurine... or maybe some artificial flowers would give it the much needed burst of life.. :)

    Thank you for linking into Made with Love.. :)

  7. Your garden is being built and is already beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Superb!!! Wonderful and very creative idea!! Now I'm off to make one....keep inspiring us :-)

  9. Amazing!! Very creative garden!! I wish I had one garden like yours.

    Thanks for visitng my blog!!!


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