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A Jharoka is a type of overhanging enclosed balcony used in Indian architecture, typically Mughal architecture and Rajasthani architecture. Jharokhas jutting forward from the wall plane could be used both for adding to the architectural beauty of the building itself or for a specific purpose. One of the most important functions it served was to allow women in purdah to see the events outside without being seen themselves. . jharokha is one of the most distinctive characteristic of the fa├žade in medieval Rajputana and Muslim Architecture down to 19th century on archers and spies. The projected balcony, which is an essential element of the rajasthani Architecture both as decoration and as a viewing platform. The chajjas, sloping eaves that projected out above the balconies, increasing protection from both the summer sun and monsoon rain. Jharokha is usedfor aesthetic appearance allow women in purdah to see the events outside without being seen themselves Jharokhas are mainly used in Palaces, Havelis and Temples.
I have recreated here using Thermocoal.
You require two arches One large and one small, and two pillars for the sides.

Side pillars are all decorated with clay

Whole jharoka is painted in brown and added random gold for enhancement.

After assembling jharoka I could not resist myself I sketched a rajasthani lady in water color pencil.
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  1. beautiful work. Really amazing. I have seen Jharokhas done in plywood. with thermocol this is the first time

  2. hi anandi, very nice work and it inspired me to do and thanks for sharing dear........and what is background for rajasthani lady??

  3. Lovely Anandhi, You have decorated the thermocol really beautifully and the lady looks pretty too.

  4. hi, this is really beautiful. i cant believe it is thermocol. how did you get this metallic colour on thermocol? keep going always wait for your great works

  5. Very nice, thanks for sharing! I have bookmarked your blog:)...
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  6. Very nice work, Anandhi. Thanks for sharing the procedure.

  7. Wow!!!! Until I read your write up (very informative about the history of jharokas, by the way ) I never realized you created the jharoka with thermocol... such an amazing work. I loved the Rajasthani lady peeking through it... thanks for stopping over at my place:
    Come by soon :)

  8. Wow very informative and cute drawing and cute craft... can't stop me from trying this.... sure will post you my update :)... great going

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  9. wow :) its beautiful anandhi :)

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