Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best wishes-E-card

Best Wishes -Card
(Adobe Photoshop)

Creating art work in "Adobe photo shop" can be fun and exciting since it has got numerous possibilties.You can rotate your text and paste in a box or can give special effects and add texture /frame around the pix or can change the color of the file by adjusting brightness/contrast.I have added two more cards using the same "image file".The base of the card is created in photoshop. Over it I have pasted the 'image file" You can paste any suitable 'image file

This is the image file we are going to paste in our card.There are many possibilities you can do with this .Shown here are two options

In the above card I have pasted the image in the centre and added a border to it.The main card
had been created in adobe photoshop

In this card I have changed the color of the "image file ".You can import it to animation soft ware and animate the card too.


  1. Another great idea . I saw all your slide shows and I am so impressed with your creativity. Your flower arrangements are so neat . I grew up in Bangalore and your work at the Lal bagh flower show is simply out of this world.congratulations.

  2. Thankyou suganthi madam, I am a great fan of your blog.No body can match your quilling ideas I am very much impressed with your quilled kolams and christmas ornaments.

  3. Hi Anandhi,
    I got your comment in my blog. Thanks for that and I am happy that you liked my blog. I would say that you have got more creative talents than me. Keep it up. Your blog is also very organized and clean.
    Keep it up.


Thankyou for your lovely comments


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