Friday, January 7, 2011


This Choker is made using sea shells taken from an old curtain.The base is canvas cloth.shells are just stuck to the canvas .


  1. great idea! it has come out beautifully

  2. Hi Anandhi,

    Nice to see ur comments on my blog..Your creations look lovely..esp the jewellery and the murals..

    I am really happy u are interested in adobe PS. I am experimenting with PS and finding it very enjoyable..learning mainly with lessons on the you tube..

    For the sculpture in my blog, I used normal acrylic paint base followed by gold/copper acrylic paint applied here and there with a dry is the texture of the polyester resin which is giving the antique look..

    will visit ur blog now and then..keep in touch..regards, Parvati

  3. Thankyou parvathy .I too leanrt PS from the net 7yrs back. Now I want to update to new version CS-4 which version do you have.You can join digital whisper also they have got lots of contests and tuts there

  4. Hi Anandhi,
    How are u? I grabed your site botton and placed it in my "Bottons & Links" (tab)but it seems that their's no image, it's clickable but no image. Just to let you know ;-)))I love your necklace inspiration, very cleverish of you using recycling materials to create something new. I see that you also joined the "LOVE THAT BLOG" thanks.
    Stay well my friend,

  5. hi anandhi, i saw digital whisper..lovely site..will become a member and try some challenges..thank u..I have cs4, but i am yet to try that..the pics are from cs3 only..


Thankyou for your lovely comments


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