Monday, November 5, 2012


This time I wanted do a simple card in photoshop.I am also uploading step-by step photos for creating it.If you have any doubts/clarifications I would be pleased to help.
Make a file of 1000X1000 size. Take the pencil tool and draw .Remember to keep the grid options open(click view-show-grid)If you need a straight line you can press the shift key and then draw .
A squiggly line is drawn and then duplicated the layers to form a swastik.(All the lines should be in a seperate layer till you form the original design) After the swastik is formed (you can trasnform to edit the shape and size of the swastik)Merge all the layers .Now you have one swastik in one layer, duplicate it.Now you have two swastik layers, slightly scale it bigger than the 1st swastik. You can play with the colors .I have added "gradient  style" to the swastik to give a glowing effect.Keep trying different options in "layer style."

To add a Diya or whatever embellishment  you want to add in your card just select the file and "define brush".Now your unique brush is ready .You can download Clip arts for this .After you are finished save it in JPEG format You can send it thru mail.
May you all  have a wonderful Diwali
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  1. Beautiful Anandhi, Thanks for the tips too.

  2. Nice dear.
    My computer is not helping me to do like this. O.K. I enjoy your creation.


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