Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi Friends,
It has been a long time I posted anything creative.Quilling was in my mind, every time I see the above teak wood frame ,which was lying idle since the photo which was there inside the frame  was replaced with  a antique frame.I wanted to utilise this frame in some way possible,Doing just quilling is not fun unless properly protected with glass.Glass protected one will become another wall hanging which I do not want.I want something which has utilitarian value.So I decided to do a tray,but for that I needed a handle,so hunt for the handle went on for few months suddenly in one of the hardware shop I spotted these brass ones.I grabbed it and put it in  my purse .each time I open my purse it reminded me to start the quilling project soon. Now the outer frame is there handles are there what else?Since I am not a serious quiller I wanted to do simple and easy one.So I finished this one in two days.
 This can be hung in the wall too. Hooks are  fixed  at the back.Can also be used as photoframe too,since clips can be removed to insert photos
.My tray ended up as wall hanging which will be handy when the guests arrive you can remove from the wall in a giffy and serve them
Instead of  regular glass ,fiber glass is used for framing.
The base of the tray is laminated sheet which is used for making wardrobes  and kitchen cabinets.Still I have few pieces lying around hope to do more pieces in future.Hope the photos are justified if not please excuse me will come up with more elaborate one next time
Thanking you
Have a nice day

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