Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Navarathri 2015

This time I took more than 4 months to bring up a post.I was churning out more quilled trays and clay miniatures for navarathri return gifts which left me no time to browse the net,leave alone writing a post.But I want to come back to my usual routine to do at least one post in a month. Starting  this Navarathri  I want to share my Ikebana arrangement thru dolls

Our Sogetsu school of Ikebana  put up 25 arrangements  depicting Ramayana with dolls as main focal point.This show was held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Bangalore.Since it started during Navarathri I had to multi task by arranging my golu at my home and running to the venue  to do the  flower  arrangemen.But all the same it was worth the trouble as the response  was very encouraging
 I consider myself lucky to have got an opportunity to portray" Choodamani Pradanam" in Ramayana through Ikebana   arrangement

Sita unties her marvellous hair jewel "Choodamani" and gives to hanuman with an instruction to offer Rama.Hanuman pleased by heart to have the choodamani and prepares for his return journey.The above arrangements depicts it with flowers and dolls.
Above pix is the half completed golu.You can see the full version in the movie.at the side of the page.

New dolls to the collection this year is Trimurthis of carnatic Music
Happy viewing
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