Saturday, November 13, 2010

Easy Bangles

Bangle making tutorial

This type of bangle frames are
readily available in the market.You
can choose your own beads
to suit your needs.Silk thread
is used.You can use crystal
or corals,jade and pearls for
this bangle.

Bring needle and silk thread
from the bottom of the
bangle frame. circle the frame
with thread two times
for stronger knot.

while adding each bead, secure
the silk thread tight.hold the
thread straight to make sure
no tangles are formed.Add
one bead at a time and bring
it down under the frame
pull tightly and then insert
to the other hole.Every time
remember to pull the thread

Here coral,jade are added
alternately pearls are also
added in the top row and bottom
row.Finish the bangle by applying
fabric glue to the thread and cut
the remaining extra thread
with scissors

Assorted bangles


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