Saturday, November 13, 2010


Garnet set
White pearl kundans are added to garnet.Bangle and ear rings are done in the same manner
as described in the tutorial given below.

Usually this Mohan male is worn without pendent . I tried with a big a kundan pendent.My client liked it.

While shopping I came across this beautiful saree pin.I tried it as a pendent for a three strings
jade necklace.Since the Hole for the saree pin is large.You can remove the Pendent (saree pin)

I have attached some fancy Kurta buttons to a readymade silk thread
It has got fish hooks on both the sides which makes attaching pendents easy. To match
with the neck piece I made a pair of ear ring too

This piece is done using ear ring and pendent base.Beads are added with silk thread.Procedures
are added in the easy bangle tutorial

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