Monday, September 26, 2016

Miniature Garden

Hi friends,I am back with a  miniature garden,as promised in my last post ,this broken pot is one of the items which was   hidden for a long time in my junk yard .I could not find proper material to build steps,then I found these Tiles,which s are used as steps.
Planted some succulents.Since they are the best bet for the miniatures.
Succulents are multiplied by cuttings.Thumb rule is  not to over water it.It needs plenty of sunlight.

This is the full view along with  the water lilies.
One more miniature I tried with Iron pan which was quite heavy and it is highly impossible to dig a hole.

Thick Plastic sheet with hole is placed over the pan before filling the potting mixture.
Plants with small leaves are ideal for miniature garden.Coupia ,Spatyphyllum dwarf are planted.

Floating plants are added to the small pond .Iron with moist planting mixture tends to rust in due course, and is considered to be one of the best nutrients for the plant.It is already 20 days  since I planted keeping it in semi shaded area.Already I see new leaves sprouting from the branches which makes me so happy.I feel whether you a have a small or large garden Miniature garden is a mustfor any garden enthusiasts.Space and container is not a question at all you can grow it in any container.It thrives in a window sill ,balcony anywhere, where there is enough sunlight.hoping to do  more  in the coming months.If you have any questions/suggestions please do drop me a line,I would be delighted to be of help.
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