Wednesday, December 1, 2010

E_ Cards

Fiddling with ADOBE Photoshop is my favourite hobby.
I have been Creating greeting card in photoshop all these years
Just when I was browsing the net I came to know that a simple card
can also be created in Ms paint.
It was amazing I tried it out and here I am,
to share it with all my fellow bloggers.

To create a card you need to have images / photos of your
greeting card or clip art.I have given two images for you to download
Feel free to download and try.

Now open start__Accessories_ Paint programme from the menu.
file_New_You will get a blank file go to edit_ click -'paste from' the edit menu.
select the border file which I have given for downloading .
You will get a file like this above You will have to copy
paste the border along the file.
I have pasted on either sides of the file.

Now again click the edit menu and press' paste from' and select "images" from the menu You will get a above.

You can type your message and finish off it by saving in JPEG format

Another card created using the same paint programme. First I filled it with color
and then pasted the image.

Hope this post will be useful for all those who visit this blog.
Next time I will come up with a different software.
Till then it is bye from anandhi


  1. Anandhi! , Thanks so much for sharing , it seems so easy now that I actually understood the whole thing. I did read your post (not fully)a couple of days ago , but I thought it would be something I have to learn and that I would not have the time. I will give it a try .Thanks for being such a friend:)).

  2. Thanks for sharing ! I will definetly try it out .

  3. hey thats a great idea specially with the festive season round the corner

  4. Thats a super cool idea I must say. Thanks for sharing :)

    Thanks for playing at CraftyJC Challenge :)
    Merry Christmas.


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