Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Upcycled Shadow Box

Hi, As this year  is coming to an end I tried to finish my half completed projects.This time  I am posting twice with in  10 days.I am thrilled and would like to work in this pace.hoping to complete all my Phd work! (hey my half completed projects haha)
I wanted to upcycle mobile phone boxes and sweet boxes to create" shadow box" with gifts and souvenirs It was long pending in my cupboard I wanted to use all the accumulated boxes in one  go .but When assembling I found the sweetboxes height didnt match phone boxes so I removed it and made my shadow box small.

15 yrs ago when my children were small they  will be waiting for Xmas every year to get gifts from "Santa".Little did they know that our Santa is none other than their grandfather.My FIL will buy cute little cars,cycle, small  items packed  with lots of chocolates and give it to my MIL She inturn,would wait till these boys  are asleep and keep it near the window sill. Early morning my elder one will get up from the bed with full of smiles he will behave very obediently thanking "santa" profusely for the gifts  and promising to be nice and good to everyone .Myself and my mom in law would wink and suppress our laughter.Well... those were the days gone by, today my in-laws are no more only their memories.
Younger one was very fond of stuffed toys,I placed miniature clay figurine near this photo.These clay figurines I learnt to make much later after they passed out of school.

hand made flowers to match the  real ones

Elder one likes to ride,sitting in a  cycle  and pretend it is car  giving a special sound.All these small things makes nostalgic when people ask me how can you remember? I silently tell how can I forget? Their pranks and silly fights etched in a mother's heart permanently, like a Marker pen.
Agree or not?.Now both the boys have grown up,soon I will have to don a different avatar( MIL) in a few years.Wish me luck friends

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Merry "X" mas to you all.

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  1. What a beautiful recycling craft and such a heartfelt creation!

  2. Thanks Sonia.u r my Inspiration in upcycling

  3. Fabulous.. lovely shadow boxes :)

  4. Amazing recycling!! & beautiful way to capture special memories together!!

  5. Thats a really nice recycled craft .. And very elaborately done. Keep up the work.

    Peek-a-boo Designs

  6. Congrats on completing your PHDs hahaha. Very creative !

  7. Such an amazing alteration! Love all the details in here! Thank you for joining us at Lulupu Challenge#56! Good luck & a very Happy & Crafty 2016 to you !

  8. Congrats on your win the lulupu...this was a winner killer project..am proud of you!!
    Dr Sonia


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