Sunday, February 2, 2014


 Sakura or cherry blossom  is the Unofficial National Flower of Japan.Cherry blossom has got more than
12 varieties,It was a symbol to stroke nationalism during WORLD WAR -2
Japanese believe that it is an annual reminder  of "Time is precious"
The cherry blossom cycle is  seen as a metaphor for life  itself-
A Time to reflect on  one's Achievements and think ahead of future.I too feel the same
that we should reflect on one's achievements

This  sakura tree bomsai  is made with cold porcellain clay.It is  "windswept" style.

These tree branches have wire under the clay making it flexible to move or twist the branches to alter according to our taste.

I  made these for gifting .Cold porcellain is one of the wonderful medium to work with apart from thai clay 
it is more flexible doesn't dry for a long time.Perfect for a beginner like me.
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  1. These are wonderful! ! love the flowers.. :)

  2. This is indeed beautiful and creative.
    You must be very patient to do one flower a time in order to do this flower bush.
    Truly a lovely gift.

  3. You are not a beginner Anandhi. I think this one looks amazing . You have made this miniature so life like , it shows in the second picture.

  4. wow just amazing piece can u pls share the tutorial how to make this

  5. Beautiful Bonsai! I should tell my mom to stop over at this post. She is totally into bonsai plants!


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