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Tanjore Paintings

Even though Thanjavur was not the birthplace of these paintings ,this style of paintings developed during the Maratha rulers of Tanjore (Thanjavur)between the 16th and 18th century.
The paintings at that time were rooted in tradition , innovation was limited and the art was a sacred piece of art

The technique of these paintings was shrouded in mystery because the artists kept it a close secret , but as years passed by and with the declining patronage from the Kings and rulers and with work hard to come by they were forced to relent and the technique used by them spread to others. In an attempt to revive this dying art the artists have developed techniques where easily available materials have been replaced with the ones used centuries ago.

Earlier the base of this painting was from jackfruit tree where as today we use ply-board.

Earlier paintings were embedded with real diamonds , rubies & precious stones.Now the gem stones are replaced with semiprecious and artificial stones like jaipur glass stones

The old artists restricted their themes only to divine figures.But today we use all types of subject from rajasthani to Buddhist figures.

Artists used to mix their own natural vegetable colors for painting.Whereas at present we make use of the chemical paints which is widely available in the market to give the painting a better shade and contrast .

Earlier the painting would consist of the figures which were with well rounded body and with almond shaped eyes but nowadays the figures being round is not strictly followed.

The presiding dieties of various temples are also being depicted today.
The Characteristic of earlier Tanjore painting were its brilliant colors scheme ,decorative jewellery ,fortunately these are maintained even today in the depiction of these paintings.
Themes are also varied according to the taste of the creator.however they are still plump having chubby cheeks!
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  1. Oh Thank You for so much of informaton. I have always been intrigued by Tanjore paintings and wanted to try one.Do you make the embossed base yourself?
    Thank You

  2. very informative post.. the paintings are just beautiful.. and thank you for considering me for the award.

  3. They all look fabulous. I love reading your posts they are so very inspiring and informative.

  4. nice intro to the ancient art, its history and its current status and changes that have come into it.

  5. Beautiful painting with nice info.I always wanted to try one,but never got a chance.will see in future.thanks much for considering me for the award.You made my day.

  6. Lovely paintings- I adore this craft because the eyes in most of the paintings talk a lot

  7. congrats...amazing ur blog and ur works...

  8. Loved reading abt the tanjore paintings! Nice write-up!

    Congrats on ur award! :)

  9. Dear Anandhirajan
    Please drop by my blog and accept an award from me

  10. Hi.. All the paintings are really superb.. I am glad that I found your blog.. Good works

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