Monday, January 31, 2011

Worli Painting

Warli is the name of a tribe, which resides in Thane district of Maharashtra on the northern
outskirts of Mumbai and extends up to the Gujarat border. They are spread out in the
villages named Dahanu, Talasari, Mokhada, Vada, Palghara and several other parts of the
district as well. The origin of the warlis is yet unknown and no records of this art are found,
but many scholars and folklorists believe that it can be traced to as early as tenth century
A.D when man learnt to build walls of the house. This art was eventually discovered in the
early seventies, and became popular for its unique simplicity and fervor for life.
Warli painting is simple and linear with the maximum use of triangular shape
This art is a 2 dimensional, with no perspective or proportion.Usually it is done on walls smeared with white paints as base.
Here I have created with "hand made paper" as base with metallic and acryllic paints. Alternatively primer coated Ply boards can also be used can give various texture background to the base and the ,main figures can be drawn on it. Possibilities are endless Main requirements are "Time and Patience" which is very important for any art !
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  1. this is a very unique worli.very nice colour combo.

  2. I like your warli a lot and thanks for the information about the art. I think you bring new style to what ever art you do.

  3. Hi anandhi,
    Lovely work on warli.. The texture is like silk and the gold gives this pic a nice richness..While searching for folk art on the net one day, I came across Gond paintings of madhyapradesh.. some beautiful work in this can be viewed at

    I have joined Digital Whisper and am participating in their 100 themes challenge.. a good way of experimenting on photoshop..thanks for the reference.. I have posted all my work on my blog..Parvathy.

  4. Hi parvathy, Thanks for your comments. I will see your works. I too got cs5 am still exploring.send me some nice tuts on cs5

  5. Beautiful work,,,Luv the way the information about relevant art is posted...

  6. Hey! :) Came here from deepa gopal's blog. I am running a link party this month at my blog for crafts that fall into category - folk art. Do link in if interested.


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