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I am hooked on to scrapbooking eversince I visited a store in Bangalore.
I just wanted to find out more about this art and here I am
with my first project and its history.

What is scrapbooking?
It's about expressing one's thoughts, feelings and sentiments. It's about preserving memories, special moments and recording family stories. Scrapbooks were cherished and kept by families for many years.

Can you believe this art of scrapbooking is 150 years old?

But the exact date of when scrapbook started isn't known.In the history of scrapbooking, Thomas Jefferson was among the first most famous American scrapbookers. He created a series of albums filled with newspaper clippings of his presidency for future reference.

With the surge of interest in scrapbooks, the publishers of scrapbooks, scraps and albums quickly responded to meet the demands. They began producing a variety of products that could be displayed in albums. Products that could be cut and pasted.
During mid-1800s, companies began to produce leather albums with preprinted pages devoted to various themes, and these pages were heavily embellished with images of birds and flowers

However, the popularity of scrapbooking fell in the early 1900s due to the recession following World War I. The recession forced many scrapbook-related business to close down.

The mass production of photo albums also caused a plunge in scrapbooking popularity around 1940.

1980 was the turning point in the history of scrapbooking.
That's when a lady, Marielen Christensen first shared her 50 volumes of her
family memory books with others. Right at the World Conference on Records in Utah.
Her memory books created quite a stir among people.
So much so that she went on to open Keeping Memories Alive, the first scrapbooking store.

In mid-1990s, with the explosion of scrapbook idea publications, scrapbooking picked up speed in becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies in America.

Thanks to the Internet, scrapbooking continues to gain popularity and spread to other parts of the world, reaching scrapbookers worldwide. Increasing number of scrapbooking websites popped up all over the Internet, and the once rare local scrapbook stores began to mushroom in numbers.

All these helped to scrapbooking to bloom and flourish. Today. scrapbooking has grown into a multi-billion industry.But in India it is still in its initial stage with very few shops selling scrapbooking items.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the information! I also recently did my first ever layout and I am hooked!

  2. thanx fr d information :)pretty layout

  3. Very pretty,and love how u give information's abt everythng.Keep going:)

  4. Your are so multitalented. WOuld love to see more from you.

  5. Very well said dear.
    Here(USA) at craft shops main place is for scrapbooks.
    I am expecting more in this line from you.

  6. I dont know much about scarpping but your article helps me to understand it... thanks a lot for sharing... hope I may go for one
    Hope you would like to feel the beauty and fragrance of flowers at

  7. Oh lovely.. I've always wanted to try scrapbooking.. I've heard its hugely addictive.. :-)

    Thank you for linking in today.. totally makes my day!! :-)

  8. thank you for your information ;)
    nice scrapbook.. I never made scrapbook before hehe :p I think I will make it after reading this post ;)

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  9. Very informative post on scrapbooking. You have a lovely blog.

  10. Great page and I loved your history of scrapbooking! Can't wait to see more of your work!

  11. Hi your art is really Nice......Keep it up.


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