Friday, April 22, 2011

Creative flower arrangements

Flower arrangements can be fun and are supposed to be stress bursters.This rectangle flower holder base is covered with dracena (song of India) leaves and gladioli flowers

Containers can be anything from bamboo vases to terrakota.
Above arrangement is an terrakota sea shell container painted pearl mettallic color

This is an floating arrangement.This can be done with least flowers and foliages.

Another interesting arrangment with hand made paper rolled cylindrically to hold flowers.With minimum flowers you can create beautiful arrangements.Flowers and container are entirely depends on one's own imagination.There are no hard and fast rules.
All the foliage used here are from my garden.That is the great advantage of having ornamental garden.So what are you waiting for grab whatever catches your eye and starrrtt.... arranging flowers.Do leave your comments,I would like to hear from you.
All the best!


  1. I like them all. The last one looks so unique.

  2. So beautiful! A colorful flower arrangement like this will make any room look brighter. Lovely work!

  3. like them so much.i'm into ikebana myself.

  4. Very pretty decorations. All are very fine.
    I like all.

  5. Beautiful arrangements!
    Ellaam unga thottathu pookkala? :)

  6. I love the flower arrangements :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog

    teddy bear princess

  7. Lovely arrangements.I liked the last arrangement with the paper rolls the best..great creativity.

  8. Very beautiful flower arrangements! I like a lot the last one, it is a bit diffrent of others!


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