Sunday, June 5, 2011

Digital arts

After a long gap I was able to find time to try my hand in Adobe Photoshop.It is one on my wish list.Having got rid of summer and summer classes and workshop, I am once again at it 24/7 glued to my system practising and exploring various tutorials from the net.Here I am posting few of my files done in photoshop.
This is the first step created with colors and a circle is drawn with ellipse tool.

Second step is to bring in the small pictures comprising of mountains, house ,castle are all seperate files pasted in the background.

This is the final image
This I learnt it here

This is a plain photograph

Rainbow effect is added to it.
This effect is tried by my son chittaranjan. This is a very good hobby for high school children they can learn many tips and tricks which can be of help in their project work also. All types of Tutorials can be downloaded and tried at individual's convenience.Exploration and practice is only needed.
This goes in for the contest at Crafty JC : Challenge # 7 - Digi /doodling

Hope this post inspires you
Have a nice day!


  1. Really lovely and the dream like picture with the swan is my favourite. Your son is also as creative as you are and his work is so commendable. Do give him my regards.

  2. very nice. Looks like a dream.

  3. very nice dear.
    I too like to do photoshop creation. But dont have time.
    Encourge your son and upload here.

  4. Your slide shows in the side wise is very very nice.

  5. Amazing dream like pictures! The one with the swan is my favorite one, I would use it as a wallpaper.

  6. Pictures look beautiful! Nice creative work.

  7. the first one is really cool, if you could just darken the buildings and mountains a bit, it would look like the night sky above... try it :)

  8. this is so cool!

    Thanks for playing along CraftyJC Challenge

  9. Wow. you are becoming a pro at this :)
    Thanks for playing at CraftyJC Challenge.
    Just a quick note, only new entries are eligible for the prize :) Dont want you to miss out on the hamper.

  10. Cool creations Anandi...
    Even I enjoy digi arts:)
    Thank you for your visit & kind comments:)

  11. Your art is amazing! I can't stop looking at everything!
    I also did that tutorial from PSD Fan. They have some good ones. You did a beautiful job on it!
    Glad to see you at DW. Looking forward to seeing more of you.


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