Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Navarathri-Pattada Gombe

With Navarathri-festival of dolls fast approaching it is now to wind up all other activities.I am once again with needle and thread to dress up the dolls. woodden dolls are special dolls from Tirupathi, the land of Lord Venkateshwara. Some explain the word Marapachi as a special kind of wood that has medicinal values and hence the name Marapachi Bommai .It is also called "Pattada gombe"
And like any age-old tradition, you can’t help but wonder, what is the significance of Marapachi Bommais? Some believe that these dolls were presented to the bride and the groom at the time of marriage as toys for the couple. After all when two people, rather two children, get married at the age of ten what better gift than toys to keep them happy. So, it is reckoned that they were truly for enjoyment purposes to please the little couple. Yet another lore had it that these dolls dressed in their wedding attire helped in capturing the moment in the days where technology was clearly non-existent. In the absence of pictures, what better way to remember the way you looked when you were married !! seems to be a lovely explanation for this beautiful custom.
But I got this doll from my mother-in-law.Later on I added some more from Tirupathi.

When I got these from Thirupathi I was overjoyed tried various ways to tie the saree but found pasting the cloth on to a cardboard (measured according to the doll's size)is the best way. Old ear-rings, saree brooches,hair brooches makes lovely ornaments.

Dolls are always dressed in traditional south Indian style. I wanted to make a change and tried in north Indian style.You can see it in right corner of the step

To start with a Marapatchi set is a must for any Navarathri whether it is a simple golu or a grand one.The very First step (padi) starts with a wooden doll.

The second is a Dhashavatara set.I will come up with a new post soon

Hope this post will be useful for all the golu enthu's.
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  1. I too love these marapachi dolls and have done decorations as bride and groom acc to our customs..Your dolls are very pretty and love the second one..where did u get these ones with four hands..I tried searching in tirupathi, didnt get them

  2. Your second marapachi takes my breath away. love the way you have dressed them and your other dolls too. Waiting for your next post. I don't have my own golu but I help put up our library's golu which is a massive one . Filling an entire hall. I am so happy to see this post of yours and I love your marapachi .

  3. Wow awesome


  4. Lovely marapachis! :) And that you dress them up yourself! Wow!
    We have golu here at home and will post pics when I can! Would love to see yours too! Happy navarathri and all that goes with it! :)

  5. wow! Very nicely decorated marapachi bommais. So you and your dolls are already geared up for navratri.Waiting to see your Kolu.Happy navratri.

  6. I love you marapachi bommai.. let this grand celebration bring back all our glorious cultural heritage..

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