Friday, September 23, 2011


In Navarathri golu after Marapachi doll it is Dhashavataram which is a" must" in a golu.
Lord vishnu's 10 incarnations are displayed (Dhashavataram)The order goes like this:

1 Matsya (The fish)
2 Kurma (The tortoise)
3 Varaha (The boar)
4 Narsinha/Nrusinha (The man-lion)
5 Vaman (The dwarf)
6 Parshuram
7 Rama
8 Krushna
9 Balarama
10 Kalki

Miniature idols of Dhashavatars are available in the market.Above piece is pasted on to a mirror and drawn designs with glass colors

Unlike clay dolls this is storage friendly and does not occupy much space.If you are a first timer you can try this method.
To arrange a basic navarathri golu one must have the following dolls Marapatchi (wooden doll)
Dhashavataram set,Chettiar couple,rest can be made according to our own creativity and imagination.
My next post will be on Chettiar couple
Hope this post is useful for the forthcoming "Navarathri golu"
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  1. Lovely


  2. Nice idea of sticking the small idols to mirrors..I too have such ones purchased in tirupathi

  3. You have used both your Dasavathar set Anandhi. They look so rich. Waiting for your next post.


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