Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barbie-multi utility holder

Idea of creating this holder had crept inside my head long ago when I saw this in one of those craftblog.I wanted to create something like that with this Barbie
I had used this doll in my navarathri as "snowhite"Since this doll had lost her one leg somewhere while packing it is normally considered to be unfit to display in navarathri.I was feeling very sad and wanted to utilise it in some otherway possible
Then it occured to me to hang her on the wall to hold rubber band ,safetypins etc.
I just added a long skirt to hold plastic covers.Because these are the things which play hide-n-seek whenever I need them.
Each member of the family kept adding one item
Now she is happy holding numerous things from safety pins to nailcutter.I am also thrilled and delighted to have her around not only during navarathri but always. I am linking this post to kalalaya and also to craftyjchallenge Happy crafting


  1. Good idea..

  2. superb...nice idea...


  3. What an unique idea Anandhi, I am not surprised at all , I have seen your turn less beautiful things to wonderful art. what a way to upcycle too.

  4. Wow! Such a cute hanger! I wouldn't mind her taking care of my stuff hanging on the wall! Lovely!!!!!

  5. Very nice dollwork.
    Thank you for your comment in my blog.
    I had some trouble lately in my PC lately as I was not able to blog.

    Anyway, I can suggest to you of what to do - if you really want to start having a terrarium.
    Currently I don't fancy terrarium as I prefer to have an outdoor garden.
    But I can give you some tips on it on how to handle it.
    Let me know if you are interested and your e-mail address where I can communicate with you.

  6. Such a Nice Idea..Liked it Very Much

    Thanks for playing along Crafty JC Challenge #11

  7. Very unique idea!!

    Thanks for playing along Crafty JC Challenge #11. Best of Luck!


  8. Wow! Diversified blog u have! Love it..

  9. Great up cycling anandhi,looks so beautiful n unique:)
    Thanks for playing along with us in"For the love of crafting":)

  10. Awesome creation
    Thank You for joining Crafty JC Pick Your Palette Challenge
    DT Crafty JC

  11. very pretty hanger....unique it.

    nd thank u so much for ur valuable appreciation Anandhi...


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