Sunday, March 2, 2014

Magazine Table Runner

Hello ,These are all my collections of junk art prepared using  so many material from pista shells to floppy disc,powder boxes, greeting card,Food container and many more which catches the eye .My junk collections are exceeding the limit.I collect all card board boxes,glossy magazines biscuit wrapper and stryofoam boxes.But my favourite being magazines and Match boxes.In the above photo the table runner is not visible and also the match box chest of I have included the close up below

This runner  can be  made  in a jiffy.Since my     favourite past time  is to watch T.V Serials  the saas bahu  saha.I do not want to compromise .I enjoyed doing this while watching my fav soaps.
I tried making so many boxes and gifted it but these table runner is at present with me  do not know who will fall for it ,before that I want to photograph it  for my future  reference.

Only the front cover of the magazine( which  is slightly thicker than the magazine  pages) are cut into strips and stuck over cardboard.Cellophane sheet  is covered over the runner for long lasting usage.

CHEST OF DRAWERS made with Match box to  keep threads,buttons and threader etc

I am so addicted to these sort of  little things ,CHEST OF DRAWERS is my favourite..Right now it can hold about 15 threads and needles..  I want  to collect more and do much bigger than this. Let me see how it turns out.Till then I am off to gather few more boxes to my junk yard

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