Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Calender 2012

Hello friends,

 One more Year had started while greeting each other with happiness wealth and prosperity I also wanted to thank all  my blogger friends and relatives some far and near ones for encouraging me in my arty endeavours.My blog is one year old ( 15 months to be exact) It is  here I learnt to write,experiment,analyse and explore many arts .In this post I am going to share my digital calender which we  the members of  "Digital whisper" calender group had designed.
Each member had given a  page(month) to design.One art page and a calender page.Mine was for the month of july 2012

Above one  is the art page  of the calender. This scenery  was created long ago in photoshop from scratch no photos/plugins used.Later for this project I added one of my pencil sketches.
You can view the calender here and order

Though It may look very ordinary  but I am more excited and thrilled to have taken a first step in a correct direction.I am very grateful to all the members of the calender group.My heartfelt thanks to the administrator Kimmie for her encouragement.
I am linking this post to Gratitude series at  pattys' blog"

Colours Dekor

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  1. Happy new year Anandhi…

    That’s truly beautiful..

    I’ll end by wishing you and your family the very best for 2012.. and hope to see lots more from you!

  2. Fantastic work! This was so much fun !
    I had the month of June :)

  3. Yes pchickki I took a cue from your page and did mine thanks for visiting.

  4. Wow it is so beautiful and Wish you a Happy and Creative New Year

  5. Thankyou sheetal for your visit and comments check back often

  6. Such a beautiful project, I am sure you are proud of it. I did visit the group and found so much creativity. Thanks for doing so many different things and keeping us interested. the link to the calender does not work for me.

  7. thanks suganthi I will check the link and set it right soon

  8. Happy New Year Anandhi:) The calendar page looks gorgeous!

  9. Hi Anandhi!!! I am so glad you were a part of this project and I look forward to our next project! :)
    Happy New Year Friend!

  10. Happy Newyear!!!Thanks for sharing such a beautiful calender and it's would be a perfect gift for loved ones..Ur art was splendid i say just wowwwwwww

  11. I saw the calendar . It is a whole new world out there. Your's stand out , hats off to you.


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