Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out of Bounds

This is a 3 D effect created from an ordinary photo.From the main  frame  object is slightly coming out of the frame Hence it's name  "out of Bounds".For this technic you need to select a photo which is directly posing towards the camera

This is  the original photo.The main subject should be filled with action like runnng ,jumping or diving anything which has got some sort of moving action attached  to it

This I  downloaded from the google images.I  had to use the digital eraser to wipe off the url under the photo.

 One more photo with 3 D effect,
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  1. nice post...

  2. Its unique-- love the photo of your little boy

  3. Thankyou sonia and saheli for your comments. Hey one more thing he is no longer a little boy. That photo was taken few years ago

  4. Dear,
    I really love your blog and especially this photoshopworks. I just want to try it but.........
    O.K. let me try.
    Pl. come to my blog
    One award awits there.

  5. Very Nice ;)

    Congrats for getting Awesome award from Mrs VIJI Madam.


  6. SO very clever and yet again I have learnt something new from you .


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