Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free-style arrangement

Free style arrangement can be created using any material  which you fancy,as long  as it has depth to hold a container inside , which makes easy to  arrange flowers.This is a hat which was lying in  the cupboard

When I searched further I got two more hats and a Mysore Petta which was given to my FIL during  felicitation ceremony at CPRI .Isn"t  it looking "majestic" with  its "angrezi "counterpart?
With the ending of summer, market is flooded with  variety of flowers.I could not help myself to try these free styles

This one is bamboo basket  with bamboo branches and gypno phelia fillers

In any arrangements ,branches (can be fresh green or dry branches)  are arranged to show the lines. The lines may vary it could be straight /curved /wavy  ones .In this also  instead of a tree branch  I have used   'sticks' to show the lines. The sticks which we oftten store in a  corner and daily use it .Can you guess  it? If not scroll down to see  the same arrangement with different flowers

Straight lines are  broom -sticks which are covered with hand made paper and golden thread.This is the beauty of this free style arrangements you can use anything which is discarded in the house.
Hope it inspires more  people to learn and appreciate  this Art
Have a remarkable day!


  1. very beautiful arrangements.. flower arrangement is something I cannot do.. I admire you!

  2. Hi..
    Wow So lovely Thanksfor sharing

  3. Such lovely lovely arrangements Anandhi. I love the arrangement on the hats and also the mysore petta. I could never have guessed they were beautified broom sticks . So wonderful . As I have said earlier I read your posts thoroughly and admire your taste for art and craft.

  4. I didn't know that you can actually do that with a hat.
    Truly it is very unique.

    Not sure whether its my PC or the setting - I find that the comment selection click is totally black with the background - not able to see it.
    See if you have not accidentally set it in black with the same colour with background?

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out in my latest post. You have a great day!

  5. Lovely arrangements! Thanks so much for joining us for the June challenge and sorry I didn’t make it around sooner to comment!

    Artists in Blogland

  6. Just love your flower arrangements..


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