Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Assorted Clay flowers

I am smitten by thai clay. I tried making  variety of flowers with  a different combination of clays. I made cold porcellain  and tried making flower mural too.

This one is a Mural with cherry blossoms .Attached flowers to the branch of the Mosambi .Pasted the flowers at  the back of the frame.

For the background textured paper is attached

This one with cold porecellain dough tried making calla lillies and roses.

Gladiolis are beautiful but not very interesting to make as this requires large number of petals. So I tried cutiing the height of the flower and made into two arrangements with twigs.

Carnations  made with polymer clay.Very easy to make with poly mer clay the texture of the flower also comes  neat

All time favourite is  Rose. The texture and finesse of the flowers with that of thai clay cannot be matched with anyother clay.Though I tried and experimented with various mediums Thai clay is the best though it is expensive still am yet to try japanese(luna)clay.
These are all very small arrangements which  is ideal as gifts for people who love flowers.
Hope this post inspires and ignite your creative  urge
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  1. Wow.
    Those are really colourful with a strong burst of colours!
    Truly they are lovely.

  2. Oh so beautiful share closeups!

  3. Such loveliness. lucky is the one who gets these as a gift. I think the cherry blossom looks elegant. Roses are my favourite too and yours look just like real ones.

  4. Oh So beautiful flowers Anadhi, Thanks for sharing it

  5. very nice work. but i do make all the cutters for all the flowers that u can think of.e-mail

  6. hope you got my e mail,continue the good work and i will supply the cutters at a reasonable price .would also like to see some more flowers


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