Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blooming Beauty

I am so happy to share with you all the elegant blooms from my garden.The above flower is called "BRAHMAKAMAL"It blooms in the night and early morning it withers out.  Every night I was checking the bud  since this is the first bloom after planting it which almost took 3 yrs cause first bud got crushed by a coconut secondyear, some school children jumped and tramped the bud and this time I was very protective the moment I saw the bud I took the pot and placed in a safe place watching and counting every day for the flower to bloom.It is also known as Star of Behtheleham.It comes from the cactus family It needs 4 to 5 hrs sunlight daily.
It is an orchid, grows in a pot majenta and white gives a magical  look

These african violets are very delicate I had made many plants out of cuttings.All are planted in a paint box and displayed in an old  fish tank.
'Weaver bird's nest has been hung to attract birds and butterflies.Once  battalion of monkeys had come and was searching inside the nest  for eggs
Passerby would ask me whether  it  is real ? are there any bird living in it?I will patiently narrate the story of birds and flies , leaving the monkey part of course.
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Soon come up with navarathri gift ideas.
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  1. We call it Nishagandhi in Malayalam and once in my mothers house 18 flowers bloomed..on one plant it was so rare the TV guys even came to photograph it!!

  2. Beautiful flower,thank you for sharing it and your joy, with us!

  3. ur garden s superb...particularly the fish tank usage amazing...

  4. hi, i am so happy to come across one more person who is so much interested in gardening. this year even in my place about 25 flowers of 'Brahma kamalam' bloomed, but as you said it took 3 to 4 years for the first flowers to bloom and that year only 2 or 3 bloomed, now it is almost 5 years i planted it. So every year i guess it increases, be prepared for more joy next year.


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