Wednesday, October 17, 2012


One more "Golu" of arranging dolls have started.Many of you would have collected so many dolls for this event.Some also would say  it is a custom to buy a new set of dolls each year.But neither I believe in that custom nor like the idea of  accumulation. But I do have a passion for accumulating small /big items like fancy trays, lamps,Jewel Box, Mirror etc These can be used all the year round  not necessary that you should pack it along with the rest of the dolls.One can use the fancy trays behind the dolls while arranging .This year I had kept one mirror behind the main deity in the first step.
Next one is a table runner it can be placed in the middle of steps  from to top to bottom It can be matched with the saree you are placing at the back drop
This one is a jewel box .Meenakshi kalyanam in gold is inserted inside the box  conincidentally  that box'x color also matched  with the table runner
ointment caps  could be arranged over the steps depending on the number of caps and steps

This umbrella arrangement  with clay flowers displays all the tiny  dolls which I made  20 odd years ago and is not fit to arrange in  the regular steps.

Can see the dwarfs hanging from the tree trunk.

This stand is made from the packing tray( for baby corn )and agarbathi rollers.This will be of use even after navarathri you can utilise this stand to store mobiles,chargers,keys anything which is in demand  on daily basis.Through this blog post .I wanted to prove that   it is a myth to regard navarathri as time consuming affair suitable only for people who has a huge collections of dolls. handed over  from generation to generation with little bit of imagination and planning  everyone  can keep this wonderful event more enjoyable !
Happy Dussehra
Have a wonderful  week


  1. Lovely kolu Anandhi, Happy Navrathri.

  2. Very interesting Golu. The flower arrangements and the dolls are really super!!

  3. Thanks for posting your Navrathri Golu picture Anandhi. It looks lovely .I did not have time for internet for the last few days , but I did wonder about your Golu.

  4. thanks suganthi for taking your time to visit my blog

  5. Something new for me.
    Didn't know that dolls can be utilised as such as this.

  6. Nice kolu. But i am late here to comment with

  7. Hi Dear Anandhirajan,how nice dolls these are, loved it.
    I follow you.
    Lots of love from Turkey.


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