Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hello friends,
Navarathri (GOLU) is around the corner You all might be  busy  gearing up for the 2013 golu.
I am sharing some of the crafts photos  which I made for the navarathri. years ago some are still intact some I had to discard it.
I always make my golu decorating  with simple recycling items.I never plan  for it.I try to make with whatever material available with me I do not like buying new dolls also.
"Golu" You all must be familiar with its significance..You can go thru my  Earlier  post here

Above one is  'Dashavatar' miniatures pasted to a mirror with glass paints
 Very simple way to  decorate a golu without worrying about preserving/packing since it requires less space and does not break if kept in a carton box

Miniature' Dashavatars' alongside clay dolls.It is also ideal for gifting.

3-d display board   made using two different picture posters of the same size,cut into 1" strips pasted and folded  like a fan to give a 3-d effect.It is  used to enhance the dolls.Each year if time permits can make different  display themes.

Those cute dolls are candles which I use only  for display  never ever dare to light it.

These are the thermocoal  items which I made 15 years ago and used it  for 4 navarathris.Now we have few snaps and memories attached to it.That mandapa can be dismantled with top and bottom seperate.There are 3 chariots one is  "Geethopadesha" other two are pumpkin shaped cindrella  chariot and other one is a vintage with red curtain et al .I had used each one alternatively in my previous golus.It is very sad I had to throw them due to termites.

Castle is made of K.G cardboard is also 15  years ago My younger son helped to put the pebbles and gave the wonderful idea to stuck the german clock above the castle.I feel ,one can be more creative when your children are young and toddlers they tend to have more ideas/imaginations than us.This is my son chittu's (chittaranjan)castle.Now he is in college and fully occupied with his studies and keyboard concerts.

Now both of my sons have become critics giving me only "orders'" and expert advise which I would be paying in the form of  baking cakes,and spreading the table with their favourite food.Since younger one is having his exams right from day one of Navarathri I have decided to make it a low affair.
Thanks  for stopping by
Hope this post inspires you
 Wish you all a happy Dussehra!!


  1. So much effort you have taken for the arrangements of dolls. Really appreciable. That shows your passion.

  2. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. It is now wonder that your boys are creative like you. Golu time is special and increases togetherness and brings out creativity in everyone.

  3. Wow that castle looks fantastic and love the way you have used the pebbles even if it was so long ago.

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