Monday, January 18, 2016


Hi friends
One more Year have started.I wish You all a wonderful Year with great Creativity. During this time of the year we have Flower show in Lalbagh for Republic day.Mostly the themes would be depicting Sankranthi.We have to create flower arrangment symbolising the festival.This Year the theme  was "Harvest".I had the opportunity to display Three arrangements.One depicting harvest and the other two Free style arrangements.
Above arrangement depicts the harvest with yellow red flowers with sugarcane and groundnuts.There are so many other grains also comes during this season. I selected a few and included in this arrangement

Close up of Groundnuts and turmeric fixed on to a cane .I placed only one sugar cane  since  the container was not taking the weight of it.It was going on toppling so I had trouble arranging.Securing with wire and tying with string are very tricky.just putting flowers in a vase is  no fun.So I always end up creating complicated arrangements.The Bamboo plates I cut in the center and made the flowers to come out of it.

Second one is a free style arrangment.I have used thermocoal rings wrapped in thread for the highlight.These pieces I got with ceiling fans when we bought  for our new house.They are so precious to me than the ceramic containers.I hang it in my room to hold knick knacks on the wall.

Container are placed on the otherside of the ring so as to make the flower coming out of it.

Mosambi tree branches are kept as a focal point along with Bird of Paradise and anthurium leaves White carnation and limonium are used as fillers.

You can view the full Lalbagh flower show in this video above in the right hand corner,

 Happy Viewing


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