Monday, December 28, 2015

Free style arrangement with clay flower

Hi all,
I am  here with a new and last  post for this year with a free style "Ikebana " arrangement using Clay flowers.Long time I wanted to work with these wonderful  flowers, Last week I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with Ms.Chaitra Rao( I hate the word "student")We worked and completed this in one week.She wanted to do one orchid and was keen  to make chrysanthemum 
Normally Orchids are best appreciated when arranged in a single pot, Moreover  chrysanthemum and orchids will not go together.

Keeping these things in mind ,have mixed a darker color for Anthuriums and kept the roses little lighter and the filler  flowers even more lighter to  balance the yellow chrysanthemum.I enjoyed this experience very much.I have been putting off to try a big arrangement like this.With  Ms. Chaitra, that wish of mine also got  fulfilled. It was a real challenge when people ask for some specific request and I hate to say "no".
Looking forward for more challenges in 2016

Wish you all  a wonderful New Year!


Thankyou for your lovely comments


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