Monday, September 19, 2016


Hi friends, I had my first workshop on Ikebana last week  for  50"Young group.The group started in Bangalore a few months back  by Anitha Gurnani,Anand Gurnani and ,Kamal Raheja from Mumbai.I wonder why no  one from Bangalore thought of starting like this.We had a Lunch meet last month.They saw my You tube video on Ikebana wanted to have one workshop for the members.Our founder was keen that our members should take home an arrangment. since Ikebana cannot be packed and taken home I ended up doing Ikebana as well as western arrangement for them.
I gave a demo on basic  Ikebana and moved on to western arrangment.I created a few freestyle arrangements with orchids for the participants to see.
Many  Ikebana specialist will agree that to practice Ikebana we need to collect so many driftwood,dried leaves,pipes tubes etc.Though I have a seperate room to store the collections.It tends to spill which is an example of the above picture,I have this driftwood structure to hang umbrellas at times it serves to hold my arrangements too.

Flowers have a a unique power to bring a smile on everyones face.

Participants with their creations .When it comes to arts and crafts I cannot limit myself to sharing.My slogan is" the more you share the more you gain" what say friends.So the basics of Ikebana and western arrangements are taught  in  a single workshop and ofcourse for the price of one .
Earlier I have done workshop for NGO teachers on jewellery making,Newspaper crafts for partially blind children .This is my first on Ikebana.Hoping to have more in all the areas which I practice,Digital scrapbooking,Mural,Decoupage,Metal embossing,Tanjore painting,recycling,Miniature gardening.Ah my  my next post would be on Miniature gardening I am bitten badly by it.Stay tuned will be back soon.
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