Friday, January 27, 2012

Kerala Mural in Digital Avatar

One of my friend wanted to learn Kerala mural.She asked my help in selecting the design .While surfing the net I found numerous sketch..Since Long time I too wanted to try kerala Mural  and digital painting. I Kept on postponing owing to some flimsy reason.This time for a change I tried kerala mural  in digital painting.

Here is a brief note on kerala mural .Without knowing about its origin I simply cannot rest

The roots of the  mural tradition of Kerala could be traced as far
back as the seventh and eighth century A.D. The subjects for murals were derived from religious texts. Palace and temple goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.It was not a fanciful representation but
drawn from the descriptions in the invocatory verses or 'dhyana slokas'. Flora and fauna and other aspects of nature were also pictured as backdrops in highly stylized forms.
The most significant drawback of the Kerala mural tradition was that it  confined itself with in the stipulations of Icnography. However no other  mural tradition has been able to match the linear accuracy of keral murals.

I tried kerala Mural by following this tutorial in adobe photoshop.

I want to share with you all this wonderful video on digital painting. It requires more patience and time than the traditional one. But I just loved every bit of it.

Digital painting cannot  replace actual painting. But  alternative  mode can always remain a memorable experience.
Try for once You will enjoy it.


  1. Awsome dear....I love this....I have a doubt that what do you do after finished the painting....can u frame it or...????

  2. yes prasanthi you can print it out and frame it like normal painting.

  3. This looks too good Anandhi. I really must try it . Thanks for your inspiring posts, I did learn something new today. Digital may not replace the real ones but atleast we can make one with out the traditional materials. Your painting looks awesome.

  4. Ur blog is amazing & here is your award!!!Congratulations!!!
    U can hop on to my blog using this link & collect ur award!!!

  5. Very beautiful attempt.. try the background also, u will get amazing results on photoshop..

  6. thankyou parvathy I will sure give it a try

  7. The color was beautiful!
    You did a great job!

  8. Anadhi - nice attempt and Krishna looks lovely

  9. Dear anandhi,

    I have a surprise for you. Do visit my blog

  10. Hi visit my blog n let me know...a SURPRISE is waiting for you....


  11. Interesting!!!Wall Mural is really amazingggg

  12. Great work Ananthi.
    I dont find time to learn it. Sure i will learn it from you one day.

    Now come to my blog. Pl. accept your Award from there.

  13. Very nice new-age painting Anandi. Hoping to see more of them from u.
    The video was very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thankyou usha , viji for your lovely comments

  15. Very nice work...First time I have seen a digital version of Kerala mural,though I have painted quite a few of them.
    Usha Srikumar


Thankyou for your lovely comments


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