Monday, July 25, 2011

Thai Clay flower Art

Flowers are an expression of tradition, communication, joy, celebration and even sorrow. They add value to rituals, and landmark occasions in a lifetime. Places of worship are never complete without flowers. Thailand is a classic example of a country with a rich flower tradition. Floral art is an integral part of the celebration of life, royal feasts and religious ceremonies.

According to Intakul, the golden age of Thai floral art emerged during the reign of King Rama V (King Chulalongkorn the Great) whose appreciation of floral art drove the ladies at court to study traditions in flower arranging. Queen Sirikit has been responsible for the preservation and development of Thai arts, craft and culture.

Clay flowers called ‘Dok Mai Jark Dinh’ is an ancient traditional handmade Thai art clay flowers. In Thailand, the art is passed down from mother to daughter as we would pass down such skills as knitting and crocheting.

In Thailand, the main flower you will see is the orchid. This flower is the inspiration for Thai people and is the predominant flower they make. Each family has their own clay with special ‘secret’ ingredients that are passed down generation after generation.
I had an opportunity to attend the workshop on "clay flower art" taught by Priya Nanthakumar in Bangalore.She was specially flown from Bangkok to conduct the workshop here. Though we were taught 5 flowers and 3 promotional demos. I could not complete all the arrangements.Hence I am presenting one catteleya orchid remaining I am hoping to include in my future post

This is Catteleya orchid.The challenge lies in creating exact replica of the original flower.All it needs is patience and practice.

One more advantage of this Clay flowers are you can arrange it with different positions in different containers.

Same Cattleyas are arranged in a slanting position using sea shell as a container.

Last week I recieved an award from Dr Sonia
Visit her blog and be inspired. She is an Ent Specialist and a art/crafts enthusiast.Thankyou Sonia for your award.You really made my day.

I would like to pass on this award to my blogger friend Saheli
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  1. ths s something interesting and beautiful...arranging n any shape wow gr8 and thx anandhi for sharing ths....

  2. Absolutely lovely!. You have achieved to make the flower look so real. Your blog posts are so interesting and inspire me . Hope I can do some of what you do when I find time.

  3. nice intro anandhi. any idea how they get various shades in a single petal?

  4. Thanks suganthi and mira for your comments
    Petals are shaded manually to get the required shade.

  5. looks like an original flower

  6. looks so real anandhi.thanx for considering me again for this award.this is my second award from made my day...i'm feeling more pleasure ...thanx again

  7. Hi Anandhi excellent arrangement. The finishing of trhe flower is amazing.

  8. an AWARD for u anandhi..
    visit my blog for details...

  9. Thankyou Nisha for considering me for the award

  10. excellent finishing.. the flowers look so original and beautiful..

  11. Your flowers are so exquisite! Lucky you to have been able to attend the demo classes!


  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and for valuable comments !!!!

    Your Thai flowers are Excellent !!! Looks like real!!!

    Expecting more comments


  13. really so good...very lovely... can u tell me how u make it...

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