Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lotus (Thai clay)

This is a floating arrangement I tried with thai clay ,for the floating green material I used some "pistia" floating foliage from my garden.

Lotus leaves are made of "thai clay"

This orchid is called VANDA MISS JOQUIM a hybrid between Vanda hookeriana and Vanda teres is hardy and free flowering. It was described by the first director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens Mr H.N. Ridley in 1893, who named it after Agnes Joaquim. Ridley wrote that the plant was the results of a cross made by Miss Joaquim.It is a national flower of Singapore.

Features Of Vanda Miss Joaquim
A strong inflorescence of Vanda Miss Joaquim may carry up to 12 buds, usually with four flowers open at a time. Each flower is about 5 cm across and 6 cm tall, and as is the case with its parents, the petals are twisted around so that the back surface faces front. It is free-flowering.

Purple and white are common color for this orchid Since I had done the "Cattleya" in the same purple color I do not want to repeat I tried "white" but it looks dull. I tried attaching to the tree bark to make it more appealing to the eyes.

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  1. Fantastic and delicate beautiful !

  2. You did an amazing job, the flowers look so real! I can imagine that this art requires a lot of patience ant talent and you have both of them. Congrats!

  3. Anandi - excellant work. Never mind if the white color appearls dull. Remember in nature all colors are pleasant. Kudos to your work

  4. Your lotus looks gorgeous. SO life like. You are a pro now.Anandhi. Your other arrangement is pretty too. I love your elegant style of flower arranging,

  5. hi anandhi ,i like all ur creation the way u arranged.

    have look at my blog.

  6. Lovely arrangements and flowers - you have some interesting crafts here! :)


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