Friday, August 5, 2011

Oncidium Orchid

In continuing with the "Thai clay flower" in this post I made an arrangement using oncidium orchid.
Oncidium are often called “Dancing Ladies” because they reward their growers with a
cloud of flowers whose shape is reminiscent of the flowing ball gowns of the 19thcentury

Most Oncidiums have multicolored blossoms. Yellow and brown is the most
common combination although there are a few species that have red, maroon,
green and white colorings.

Generally Oncidiums are found in sprays,with dozens of delicate florets that are 1
to 1.5 inches across blooming along a central branching stem.
Since my hands are full with other commitments I could do only five flowers arranged in two branches,With dried button rose branch as the backdrop.Orchid arrangements can be made more realistic if arranged in a drift wood.Since the number of flowers are less I selected this champagne bottle for a container.I will be back with one more orchid soon.
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  1. Such an exquisite creation. Do post more of your thai work. i am drooling!


  2. sure dear for another 2 months I am planning to do more in this art
    thankyou so much for your visit

  3. How delicate and beautiful. You have mastered it so soon. Are the leaves and stem (green) also made from clay?

  4. Yes suganthi the leaves and stem are also made of clay.thankyou for your prompt visit.

  5. WOW!! it looks so beautiful!!

  6. they are stunning anandhi...looks like the original...cnt believe my eyes...

  7. They look so natural Anandhi... I will have to surely join your classes to learn them.

  8. Wow...they look completely natural....ur very talented!!!


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