Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chettiar -Navarathri

There is no fun in a "golu" without this "Chettiar doll".Usually they are made to sell food grains/ grocery rice ,dal, spices etc.I remember my grandmother having small jute bag to fill rice, dal etc.

With changing times we can explore more.

Bangle seller and gift shop can also be created. Once I had displayed all my miniature french perfume bottles with a note saying "we have diversified"
With a single set of doll interesting themes can be created each year without
buying numerous dolls.what do you say ? I would like to hear from you.
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  1. Your chettiar dolls are selling Tupperware! How sweet! I can see your chettiar dolls from your 2007 golu on your video . You have maintained them so well. Delightful!!!

  2. Nice Dolls !!
    So interesting tooo!!!
    I am a new follower ... spare few minutes to visit my blog and Say a Hai

  3. Lovely.. lovely!! Loved this series.. Very interesting.. Do drop by at Colours Dekor

  4. Happy Navratri..!! Have an enjoyable time with friends and family !!

  5. Lovely... Hope to see you at the blog party at LTU ... ;-) ;-) .. !!


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