Monday, February 13, 2012

Miniature flower arrangements

                                  This time I tried making flowers with Bread Dough.
   It came out just perfect.   We can easily adapt this bread craft  procedure to make flowers.
I am sure everyone will be familiar with the bread dough.I am giving just a quick receipe for beginners.

Take four slices of {discard the  brownsides of the bread }
bread, powder it in a mixie.Add 1 tsp of  Zinc oxide
to the bread powder.Mix enough fevicol to mix the powder and make a smooth dough.It can be stored in an airtight container.It stays fresh for a week.
While making flowers knead the dough with baby oil and start  your project.

                       Next one is a Topiary.My favourite one with sola wood flowers.


                                                              Close up of the topiary

                                       I wanted to finish this project before "valentine's day".
                                             I will be back with  a painting in my next post.

                                               "Happy Valentines'day"


  1. Very beautiful arrangements, flowers are adorable!!!

  2. Such beautiful projects!! I have not tried bread dough , when can we get zinc oxide from? Your roses in the topiary ,so meticulously done that it looks so real. You are an expert at arranging flowers !

  3. roses r super... that white rose looks so real... happy to follow u..

  4. beautiful. your house must be blooming with flowers. lovely

  5. Your roses are awesome and the red flowers arrangement looks like an Ikebana. You're a special person!

  6. Those bread flowers stole my hearttttt

  7. The bread dough is beautiful anasal discharge love your sola flowers. I am yet to try both-- your posts are always so inspiring

  8. Wow! beautiful work. I would like to invite you for international blog hop.
    Please follow me and the link below.

  9. Beautiful flowers Anandhi..
    Kimmie is waiting for u to join dw magazine on facebook. my facebook id is . can u give a friend request so that i can add u to the dw magazine group?


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