Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quilled Wind Chimes

Sorry for the long absence.Quilling was in my wish list since long time.But do not have patience to do a single large piece so I ended up doing small tiny  designs .
I had inserted medals in between the strips of quilled paper.Though it is time consuming I enjoyed every bit of it.One more advantage I found was that you can watch all your T.V.Serials while doing it without messing up.Now I am wondering how to save this piece from the dust ? Except covering with it by plastic sheet Any idea? Do let me know I am looking forward to it
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  1. Though the designs are tiny, you have made so many of them. They look lovely, A mobile has to move with the wind,It cannot be covered. But it can be kept safe and used on special occasions when it would make a great conversation starter.

  2. Thankyou suganthi for your valuable suggestions.Yes I agree it had to move I am planning to transfer it to a bigger ring may be cooker gasket so that will have enought space to move with the wind.I always look forward to your idea thanks once again

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