Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hello friends,This month I want to share my clay flower paintings which I tried  with different  style of
window boxes.
Petunia and african violets are the only flowers suitable for window boxes.Making the painting takes a longer time than arranging and creating flowers
This I wanted to make a proper floral arrangement .For the vase I used sponge sheets which comes with fruits I repainted and stuck at the base of the arrangement

This is the star petunias which I feel should have been a bit larger.This is altogether a different approach to the clay flowers which can be framed and preserved under the secured glass frame !!!.
Hope u like this post
Happy crafting
Wish U all a happy Baisakhi !


  1. WOW such unique creations Anandhi

  2. Your flowers look so life like. I am glad you explained the vase , Goes to show how creative you are.


Thankyou for your lovely comments


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