Monday, March 2, 2015



The first coffee paintings were made centuries ago when brown beverage  colonised whole of Europe
In the ancient times, the Chinese used tea to color the paper and give a sepia look to the background of their paintings. Coffee and tea are also used to make marble statues look older.
In the past few years painting with coffee and tea became popular because of the textures and  strilking brightness it can give to a monochromatic art.

When I first heard about it  a few years ago I just laughed it thinking it is bizarre to paint with  coffee powder,But when actually doing it only I realised the texture and striking color combo you get in this cannot be matched with normal brown oil /tempera paints.

 Canvas board is first  coated with light color coffee and slighlty the amount of coffee powder is increased to achieve contrast color..Then 3 d outliner is applied to enhance the main object  which is optional.I am sure coffee lovers would love the aroma of coffee while painting!
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