Friday, December 11, 2015


Hello friends,
I am promptly ready with a new post this month on" Decoupage  Art of decoupage have gone viral these days.Everyone and everywhere does/conducts decoupageclasses and workshops.Napkin decoupages are available for this project.But as usual I took the round about the way and made using papers from the magazine .The above image is a old spoon and fork stand which I have preserved it for this.

It originates from the french word  Decoupe'.which literally means to cut and paste.
I love Tarot cards.I stuck the page on to it and applied" modpodge".

                             Our huge house keys sits perfectly   in this stand.Since this stand has few more holders at the back side I have put only four keys to get a better view.
                           My old decoupage in a terracotta stand

Decoupaged ceramic plate

one more recent work done with an old window frame.

Very old project.Decoupage with ceramic work. Now I have only the images, the pot was broken while shifting.This was done when neither modpodge nor napkin papers were invented!!!.We used to cut from old greeting card soak it in water , rub with sand paper before sticking.
With new innovation and technology this art form had become  easy and affordable to the present generation.
Hope you like the post


  1. Ya, these days decoupage everywhere. Even I'm thinking of decoupaging my sewing machine :)
    Your works are too good. Nice ideas

  2. thanks ranjana.waiting eagerly to see ur projects

  3. You have a beautiful blog, Following now happily.
    Keep sharing creative ideas.
    Have a great day!

  4. The tarot card decoupage looks unique and beautiful
    Dr Sonia


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