Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This month I wanted to share my garden photos with you.,I am excited to share my recycled vertical garden.Our renovation work was going on for some time which left all my plants withered and dull   due to cement and air pollution. Since this was anticipated,a part of my  foliage collection, I kept away from the construction area,which came handy for the vertical foliage arrangement.
Above one is an old window which we removed and kept it safely for future use.At the time of  construction just couldnt  figure out what can be done with this.Same thing we did for our coconut tree also.We removed one tree in our backyard and made small stumps  into 12" pieces Imagined planting portulaca.Whatever we removed we kept it aside saying it might be useful for some purpose.What is that PURPOSE?loomed like a big zigsaw puzzle  .Like this, things started to accumulate till one day when all the work was completed all the debris got cleared  and the house exterior got painted  we were left with window grill and stumps and so many frames.
It was a moment of" NOW or NEVER"

Luckily Everything got over before the heavy rain.
Chlorophutum,African violets,Syngoniums which I hid from the cement and debris got neatly arranged in the grill.
Syngoniums grow wild which I keep trimming.African violets started to bloom without much fuss.
This is our full view of the garden with a tiny lawn.Pieces of tiles are used as a border along the plants
Coconut stumps kept around the tree with 6 colors of portulaca planted in the stumps.Still I am left with tiles, metal rods,PVC pipes not to  miss those thermocol packing boxes and cartons which invites me to do more of something which neither I nor the junks knows what to do Have you got any idea?with tiles and the junks mentioned above?
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